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Small Business Web Hosting

Small Business Web Hosting

As a convenient service for our customers, Wainwright Consulting offers a variety of website and email hosting solutions. We can take care of all of your web hosting needs including registering your new URL (Uniform Resource Locator: www.yourcompany.com) and handling all of the additional necessary setup that is required for your website and email to function properly.

Included in our offerings are 3 basic levels of web hosting packages that include different levels of support, email accounts, and bandwidth utilization.

For more information about our available hosting packages please speak directly with your Wainwright sales representative.

Please be aware, we only offer hosting services for our customers.

If we are developing your site for you, this would qualify for our hosting plans. If you are not a current customer or signing up for one of our support plans at the time you want us to takeover hosting, these services would not be available to you.