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Wainwright Consulting, a Minnesota-based technology consulting company, announced today that it has signed a reciprocal supplier agreement with Synapse SE

August 4th 2004, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota

Wainwright Consulting, a Minnesota-based technology consulting firm, and Synapse SE, a national provider of technology services, today announced that the two companies have signed off on a new teaming agreement to jointly pursue opportunities in the small business market.

This agreement will provide Synapse SE with the ability to better service smaller businesses with on-call network and software support and will provide Wainwright with the ability to provide services that would normally reside outside their targeted scope.

“While Wainwright’s marketing focus has historically been directed at small to mid sized businesses, Synapse SE targets Mid to Large sized customers. This overlap of the middle market creates an effective area for us to collaborate on projects,” said a representative from Wainwright Consulting.

This mutual supplier relationship will not only benefit prospective small business customers of Synapse SE who are interested in exploring on-call network and software support arrangements but will benefit Wainwright by allowing them to engage Synapse SE resources for larger customer projects.

“We understand that the smaller business market could play a major role in our business strategy going forward,” said a company spokesperson for Synapse SE, “and where we normally focus on mid to large-sized organizations, we want the flexibility to adequately service those of a smaller stature as well in competitive situations.”

About Synapse SE

Synapse SE, www.synapse-se.com, is a provider of technology staffing/consulting and online training solutions for mid to large-scale corporations. The company delivers targeted staffing and learning services that help businesses reduce the costs and risks associated with maintaining a technology-centric organization and that help improve communication and processes across the business.

Solutions provided by Synapse SE encompass a full suite of learning management and deployment tools for corporate learning environments and targeted technology staffing and consulting services for corporate IT departments and high-technology companies.

The company currently has representatives located in various regions throughout the United States and is consistently expanding into other strategic locations across the country.

About Wainwright Consulting

Wainwright Consulting, www.wainwright-usa.com, is a vendor independent inter-networking, computer support and development consulting firm providing a broad range of computer and network services to the business community in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and across the United States. Services provided by the company include software/operating system services, server/workstation services, networking services, web development services and asset inventory services.

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