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Wainwright Consulting, www.wainwright-usa.com, is a vendor independent inter-networking, computer support and development consulting firm providing a broad range of computer and network services to the business community in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and across the United States. Services provided by the company include software/operating system services, server/workstation services, networking services, web development services and asset inventory services.

Wainwright is dedicated to evaluating, designing, supplying and implementing Information Technology Solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Our principle consultants have a combined accumulation of over 40 years of computer and networking experience. Our lead engineers are certified and have the knowledge and experience to answer all of your business and information technology (IT) questions and the expertise to assist you with evaluating your requirements. More importantly, our staff is trained to listen to you and have your needs in mind when designing your company’s overall IT strategy and subsequent software and hardware infrastructure.

At Wainwright, we recognize that in recent years the economy has made it difficult for many businesses to keep up with the technological advances that can improve productivity, access to data, and profitability. We will come up with innovative and standardized solutions to improve your company’s bottom line. We feel that your company’s success is directly tied to our success, and your company’s existence directly tied to our existence.

What We Strive To Attain

At Wainwright Consulting Group, our mission is to keep educated on the latest technologies; to assist our customers in choosing the correct technologies that will enable their business processes; to be proficient at installing and supporting these technologies; to apply all of our knowledge and skills in a way that makes our customers feel comfortable taking care of their core business, of which they have expertise, and allowing us to handle their computers and technology infrastructure, of which we have expertise.

When we say, "Making Information Technology Work For You" we mean it!

Contact us today to learn more about our company and the solutions we offer.